Embedded Systems Design & Development


Embedded systems developed


Circuit boards designed


PCB layouts completed


Signal integrity assessments


FPGA-based solutions delivered

How we help our clients

We’re embedded systems developers.

Types of products we help design & develop

Embedded systems/subsystems with high-complexity electronics or software. These products often have functional safety or high-reliability requirements associated with them.

The products tend to be more on the industrial side than consumer, although we do some development on the high-end consumer product side. As such, production quantities generally tend to be on the low-medium volume end of the spectrum.

Industries served

  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Industrial equipment
  • Alternative energy
  • Automotive
  • Rail
  • Medical device
  • Agricultural equipment

Capabilities / skills

  • FPGA development
  • High-speed digital circuit board design
  • Low-noise analog design
  • Microcontrollers
  • Embedded control
  • Firmware
  • Functional Safety

  • Low-power design
  • VHDL
  • C / C++ / C#
  • Digital signal processing
  • ITAR Registered

  • Image processing

  • Control algorithms (PID, motor, motion)
  • Sensor integration
  • Networking
  • Memory interfacing (e.g. DDR3, QDR)
  • Data acquisition
  • Operating Systems (Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS, MQX/QNX)

  • High-efficiency power conversion

  • Packaging / enclosure design
  • Thermal management and simulation
  • Communication interfaces (e.g. USB, Ethernet, Aurora, I2C, PCIe, high-speed serial)

Meet the Team


US patents that AppliedLogix Team members are inventors/co-inventors on


Average years of experience

James Herrmann
James HerrmannPrincipal Engineer & Managing Partner

Knows: Embedded systems design & commercialization; high-reliability electronics design – signal integrity / power integrity / EMC; building & developing engineering teams

Degree(s): MSEE – Univ of Rochester, BSEE – Univ of Buffalo

Proud of: Leading a high-performing engineering organization while helping our customers achieve their product commercialization goals.

Passions: Engineering, ice hockey, road cycling, mountain-biking, alpine skiing, aviation

Angelo Caruso
Angelo CarusoSoftware Architect & Managing Partner

Knows: Embedded software, Linux and Windows applications and GUI’s

Degree(s): BS Electrical and Computer Engineering, MS Optics, MBA

Proud of: The success of AppliedLogix and our many satisfied and repeat customers

Passions: Software development, DIY home improvement, Music

David Rea
David ReaSenior Engineer & Partner
Knows: Embedded hardware and software, fuel cells, automotive systems

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – RIT, MS Software Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Extensive contributions to alternative-fuel transportation and energy

Passions: Family, craftsmanship, electric vehicles, and really nice pens

Randall Wirt
Randall WirtSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded hardware & firmware, PADS PCB layout

Degree(s): BS from RIT

Tom Tatakis
Tom TatakisSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded Systems, data communications (networking, USB among others), drivers

Degree(s): BA Computer Science- Potsdam, MS Computer Science- RIT

Proud of: Numerous reusable software designs

Passions: Forget tech, let’s play some golf.

Bill Lear
Bill LearPrincipal Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded software and systems architecture, Linux and Windows application and device driver development

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering, control systems – Kansas State University

Proud of: Many successful technical contributions in avionics, digital control systems, high performance computer graphics, and image processing.

Passions: My family, woodworking, reading, and music (not talented, but passionate!)

David Reed
David ReedSenior Engineer & Partner
Knows: Analog, digital circuit simulation and design, efficient energy conversion, fuel cells, automotive systems, alternative energy and energy storage

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Circuit design and refinement for manufacturing, design simplification, cost optimization

Passions: Electric vehicles & travel

Jeff Gerstenberger
Jeff GerstenbergerSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: FPGA design and simulation, printing systems, camera systems

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering & BS Electrical Engineering – Univ of Michigan, MS Electrical Engineering – Univ of Illinois

Proud of: Working collaboratively with hardware and firmware engineers to get the job done

Passions: Family, church, walking/hiking outdoors, and maintaining fitness

Ray Glover, CID+
Ray Glover, CID+Senior PCB Designer & Partner

Knows: Embedded hardware, high-speed multilayer PCB design, high-volume flexible circuitry, ultra-low-noise analog/RF PCB layout

Certification: IPC CID+

Proud of: Delivering 350+ PCB layouts; being part of a world-class engineering team

Passions: Family, outdoors, travel

Jason Faulring
Jason FaulringSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded Hardware & Software Design, Systems Engineering, Image Exploitation, Agricultural Engineering

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Many technological contributions to improving quality of life in the areas of national defense, emergency response, healthcare, transportation and agriculture

Passions: Family, rural living, the great outdoors, home renovations, aviation, tinkering

Bret Woz
Bret WozSenior Engineer & Partner
Knows: Embedded, application software (including Linux and Windows), multi-threaded and multi-processor software

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering – RIT, MS Computer Engineering – RIT, MS Product Development – RIT

Proud of: Developing creative and robust solutions to solve customer problems

Passions: Family, reading, tinkering and enjoying the great outdoors

Jonathan Powers
Jonathan PowersSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: FPGA design and verification, embedded software

Degree(s): BSEE – University of Virginia, MSEE – Stony Brook University

Proud of: Contributions to national defense and public safety

Passions: Family, music, running, number and word puzzles

Ken Kaye
Ken KayeProgram Manager & Partner

Knows: Program management, hardware and software development, fuel cells, automotive systems

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Contributions to the development of alternative energy field and advancements in Fuel Cell for Automotive, Retired Air Force Career

Passions: Family, snow skiing, water sports, soccer, music, church

Mark Houck
Mark HouckSenior PCB Designer & Parnter

Knows: Embedded hardware, PCB design (schematic capture & layout) of high-speed, multilayer boards

Certification: PCB design CID (with 25+ years experience)

Proud of: Supporting our engineering teams with the highest quality

Passions: Family, travel, home improvements & repairs and model trains

Dave Zimmer
Dave ZimmerSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: embedded systems, high speed digital and analog circuit boards, FPGA design, railway systems, medical devices, imaging systems

Degree(s): BSEE – SUNY at Buffalo, MSEE – Rochester Institute of Technology

Proud of: Troubleshooting and debugging capabilities

Passions: A love for the outdoors, including hiking and biking

Rene' Brown
Rene' BrownSenior PCB Designer & Partner

Knows: embedded hardware, analog circuit board design, high-speed digital circuit board design, PCB schematic capture and layout

Certification: IPC CID (with 25+ years experience)

Proud of: Making our world better through advanced electronic technologies; attention to detail

Passions: Laughing and enjoying time with family and friends. Outdoors – hiking, kayaking, cross country skiing and wherever the warmth and sunshine takes me.

John Ludlow
John LudlowSenior Engineer & Partner
Knows: Image processing, GUIs; software development in Visual Studio

Degree(s): BS Computer Science – Virginia Tech, BS Mathematics – Virginia Tech

Proud of: My family: My lovely bride, 8 children, and 13 grandchildren (so far 🙂 )

Passions: Love developing software

Steve Boy
Steve BoySenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded software, Linux, GUI development

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Ability to turn customer requirements into delightful products

Passions: Bible study, family, Minecraft

Mark Keyser
Mark KeyserSenior Engineer & Partner
Knows: Mechanical, manufacturing, and quality process design as it relates to new product development and continuous improvement

Degree(s): BS Mechanical Engineering – RIT, MS Manufacturing Management / Leadership – RIT

Proud of: Continual success in leveraging current knowledge and continual learning to help customers with their new product development challenges

Passions: Family, woodworking & timber framing, and the great outdoors

Ben Brown
Ben BrownSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded systems, embedded hardware, high-speed digital design, high-performance analog design, control systems, FPGA, digital signal processing, safety, EMC, design for manufacturing, injection molding, global manufacturing

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – Kettering University

Proud of: Contributions to youth science education, discovery and documentation of new caves

Passions: Caving, repurposing/rebuilding surplus equipment

Kevin Sampson
Kevin SampsonSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded hardware design in the medical, automotive and aerospace fields; analog and digital circuit design and simulation

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – RIT, MS Electrical Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Developing strong working relationships with exceptional engineers. Working together to create unique solutions to unique problems. Happy customers.

Passions: Family, friends, church, beekeeping, wrestling, volleyball, restoring old tractors.

David Brent
David BrentSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: High-performance hardware including embedded processors, FPGAs, memories, and image capture / processing / output; digital printing; signal / power integrity

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – University of Pittsburgh, MS Electrical Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Making significant design contributions to various complex products while part of numerous cross-functional teams

Passions: Family, friends, live music, boating, pool, volleyball

Mike Haines
Mike HainesSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Windows and embedded software, product development

Degree(s): BS Electrical and Computer Engineering – University of Buffalo, MS Management – Johns Hopkins University

Proud of: Implementation and problem-solving abilities

Passions: Family, snowboarding, technology, golf

Steve Baylor
Steve BaylorSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Software engineering, systems engineering, solution design, RESTful API development, Java, .NET, Python, C, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL

Degree(s): BS Computer Science – University of Vermont, MS Computer Science – RIT

Proud of: Developing software that helps businesses succeed

Passions: Agile software development, technology, family, motorcycles, cookies

Tim Duffy
Tim DuffySenior Engineer & Partner
Knows: FPGA (Xilinx), Zynq, embedded firmware, Embedded Linux

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering Technology – RIT

Proud of: My enthusiasm for, and commitment to, project and domain knowledge diversity

Passions: Family, Life, DIY home projects, cooking, homebrewing

Bill Zeh
Bill ZehSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded and application software, Linux

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering – Clarkson

Proud of: Implementing solutions to challenging problems

Passions: Family and the great outdoors

Greg Semeraro
Greg SemeraroSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded systems design: firmware, RTOS, hardware, FPGA RTL, companion PC software. Project and team management.

Degree(s): PhD Electrical Engineering – University of Rochester, MS Computer Engineering – Rochester Institute of Technology, BS Computer Engineering – Boston University

Proud of: Ability to see problems from HW, SW and business perspectives and optimize solutions.

Passions: Technical problem solving, ice hockey, drag racing and wrenching on my cars.

Alden Lum
Alden LumSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded hardware and software, EOIR / digital imaging systems, low noise analog and mixed signal design, high speed digital design, SolidWorks 3D modeling

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering – SUNY Buffalo

Proud of: Opportunities to gain vast work-related experience in commercial and government/defense industries

Passions: My family and friends, solving hard engineering problems, automobile restoration and repair, airsoft, playing guitar

Mark Nenni
Mark NenniSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded, multi-threaded, real-time, GUIs, Linux, Windows

Degree(s): BS in Computer Science – SUNY Brockport

Proud of: My two sons. Ability to read, understand, develop and debug complex software systems.

Passions: Family, exercise, travel, sandy beaches and adventure.

Donald Lewandoski
Donald LewandoskiSenior Technician & Partner

Knows: SMT circuit board repair, electromechanical systems, harnessing, prototyping, EMC, electrical design.

Degree(s): AAS – Electronic Technology Cayuga Community College

Proud of: Contributions to many creative and innovative designs in the electrophotographic industry. 2 patents

Passions: Clay shooting sports, golf, family, staying busy with anything outdoors

Shawn Pfister
Shawn PfisterSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded firmware, Multi-threaded real-time systems, Linux, Networking

Degree(s): BS in Computer Engineering RIT

Proud of: Waking up every morning and loving what I do for a living.

Passions: Solving problems, Learning new skills

Craig Latham
Craig LathamSenior Engineer & Partner
Knows: Applied Artificial Intelligence, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Image & Video Processing, GPU Acceleration, Linux, C#, Python, SQL

Certifications: Decorated veteran of two services, 15 years experience as a DoD Systems/Software Engineering Contractor.

Proud of: Ability to solve complex problems with solutions that were never intended for that issue.

Passions: AI Research, Woodworking, Making things better faster smarter.

Jake Goellner
Jake GoellnerSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Applied artificial intelligence, Computer vision, Image/Video processing, GPU acceleration, Embedded software development, Windows, Linux, .Net, C, Python

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering Clarkson University

Proud of: Contributing to team and customer success by applying cross domain knowledge to develop powerful and elegant solutions to complex problems

Passions: Family, woodworking, art, the outdoors, perpetual optimization, making complex data visually interesting

Andrew Elder
Andrew ElderSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded Software, Digital Signal Processing, network protocols, network stacks, Time Sensitive Networking

Degree(s): BE Hons – University of Canterbury, PhD EEE – University of Canterbury

Proud of: Contributions to Avnu to advance the state of time sensitive networking

Passions: Travelling to New Zealand, orienteering, gardening, hiking, watching volleyball

Jason Hayslip
Jason HayslipSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Mechanical design, DFM, product and manufacturing systems development. Robotics, vision and automation applications ranging from prototype to high volume environments.

Degree(s): BS Mechanical Engineering Technology – University of Dayton

Proud of: Two great kids. Advancing technology and critical contributions in automotive, alternative energy as well as medical device industries.

Passions: Family, kids athletics, mechanical repair projects, mountain sports, water sports, home improvement and tennis

David Paul
David PaulSenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Embedded software, Linux, scripting, Python, C/C++

Degree(s): MA Mathematics from SUNY Potsdam

Proud of: Customer success through well-designed software solutions

Passions: Problem solving, honing my skills, family & friends

Bob Foley
Bob FoleySenior Engineer & Partner

Knows: Systems engineering and modeling, functional safety, high voltage automotive systems, structured decision-making, fuel cells, DFMEA and FTA

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Extensive contributions to the development of fuel cell systems for applications in multiple markets

Passions: Motorcycling, weightlifting, DIY home remodeling, music, reading

Jim Guy
Jim GuyProgram Manager & Partner

Knows: Embedded HW design, FPGA design, image processing, printing systems, project management

Degree(s): MSEE – RIT, BSEE – Clarkson University

Proud of: Delivery of two complex, first pass success ASIC’s that each achieved production volumes greater than 500,000 pieces.

Passions: Family, Travel, Hiking