Embedded Systems Design & Development


Embedded systems developed


Circuit boards designed


PCB layouts completed


Signal integrity assessments


FPGA-based solutions delivered

How we help our clients

We’re embedded systems developers.

Types of products we help design & develop

Embedded systems/subsystems with high-complexity electronics or software. These products often have functional safety or high-reliability requirements associated with them.

The products tend to be more on the industrial side than consumer, although we do some development on the high-end consumer product side. As such, production quantities generally tend to be on the low-medium volume end of the spectrum.

Industries served

  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Industrial equipment
  • Alternative energy
  • Automotive
  • Rail Signaling & Carborne
  • Medical devices
  • Agricultural automation

Capabilities / skills

  • FPGA development
  • High-speed digital circuit board design
  • Low-noise analog design
  • Microcontrollers
  • Embedded control
  • Firmware
  • Functional Safety

  • Low-power design
  • VHDL
  • C / C++ / C#
  • Digital signal processing
  • ITAR Registered

  • Image processing

  • Control algorithms (PID, motor, motion)
  • Sensor integration
  • Networking
  • Memory interfacing (e.g. DDR3, QDR)
  • Data acquisition
  • Operating Systems (Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS, MQX/QNX)

  • High-efficiency power conversion

  • Packaging / enclosure design
  • Thermal management and simulation
  • Communication interfaces (e.g. USB, Ethernet, Aurora, I2C, PCIe, high-speed serial)

What a few of our clients have to say

Lots of thanks to the AppliedLogix [firmware] crew, they’re really keeping the train on the rails here.

Lead Engineer, Fortune-50 industrial equipment OEM

Please pass along my thanks and appreciation to the AppliedLogix folks for pulling this one out of the fire… This is going to be big – you can’t believe the response. Product is dead-on for first generation.

Program Manager, wireless biometrics monitoring product manufacturer

A.L.’s capacity to frame and follow through on complex assignments is frighteningly good! I wish I could say it’s just youthful energy but you guys aren’t that young either. It’s very valuable.

Principal System Architect, engineering consultancy for energy industry

We could never have done this without you pulling it together for us.

VP of Engineering, architectural lighting manufacturer

AppliedLogix has earned special recognition… the driving force behind the architecture specification, detailed design, PWB layout, and prototype design validation of this high-performance image path subsystem.

Engineering Manager, digital production press manufacturer

AppliedLogix’ commitment to quality and robustness has been a significant contributor to the success of our project.

Director, medical imaging program

The new layout for the AVDD power planes is excellent – great job of maximizing the clearance to critical input nodes… Very well thought out and executed… You should be proud of this work! Ship it!

Ultrasound expert, research university

Thanks for all you do to keep us moving in the right direction! Really appreciate how tightly run the AppliedLogix ship is.

Product Designer, consumer electronics start-up

You Nailed It.

VP of Engineering, 40-head tech startup

…There are many high power / high current PWM channels and the critical low noise signals are perfectly quiet, there is no discernible noise at all. The layout is extraordinary – well done AppliedLogix!

Product Engineering Manager, alternative energy power systems

Great news…my new boards arrived today and the DDR3 calibration and self-test passes right out of the box with flying colors – thanks for your help!

Hardware Manager, Class 2 medical device startup

I couldn’t ask for better development engineers, they haven’t missed a beat…it’s really a pleasure to work with you guys!

Program Manager, global materials handling OEM

Meet the Team


US patents that AppliedLogix Team members are inventors/co-inventors on


Average years of experience

James Herrmann
James HerrmannGeneral Manager, Principal Engineer
Knows: Embedded systems design & commercialization; high-reliability electronics design – signal integrity / power integrity / EMC; building & developing engineering teams

Degree(s): MSEE – Univ of Rochester, BSEE – Univ of Buffalo

Proud of: Leading a high-performing engineering organization while helping our customers achieve their product commercialization goals.

Passions: Engineering, ice hockey, road cycling, mountain-biking, alpine skiing, aviation

Angelo Caruso
Angelo CarusoGeneral Manager, Principal Engineer
Knows: Embedded software, Linux and Windows applications and GUI’s

Degree(s): BS Electrical and Computer Engineering, MS Optics, MBA

Proud of: The success of AppliedLogix and our many satisfied and repeat customers

Passions: Software development, DIY home improvement, Music

David Rea
David ReaSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded hardware and software, fuel cells, automotive systems

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – RIT, MS Software Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Extensive contributions to alternative-fuel transportation and energy

Passions: Family, craftsmanship, electric vehicles, cycling, really nice pens

Randall Wirt
Randall WirtSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded hardware & firmware, PADS PCB layout

Degree(s): BS from RIT

Tom Tatakis
Tom TatakisSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded Systems, data communications (networking, USB among others), drivers

Degree(s): BA Computer Science- Potsdam, MS Computer Science- RIT

Proud of: Numerous reusable software designs

Passions: Forget tech, let’s play some golf.

Bill Lear
Bill LearPrincipal Engineer
Knows: Embedded software and systems architecture, Linux and Windows application and device driver development

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering, control systems – Kansas State University

Proud of: Many successful technical contributions in avionics, digital control systems, high performance computer graphics, and image processing.

Passions: My family, woodworking, reading, and music (not talented, but passionate!)

David Reed
David ReedSenior Engineer
Knows: Analog, digital circuit simulation and design, efficient energy conversion, fuel cells, automotive systems, alternative energy and energy storage

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Circuit design and refinement for manufacturing, design simplification, cost optimization

Passions: Electric vehicles & travel

Ray Glover, CID+
Ray Glover, CID+Senior PCB Designer
Knows: Embedded hardware, high-speed multilayer PCB design, high-volume flexible circuitry, ultra-low-noise analog/RF PCB layout

Certification: IPC CID+

Proud of: Delivering 350+ PCB layouts; being part of a world-class engineering team

Passions: Family, outdoors, travel

Jason Faulring
Jason FaulringSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded Hardware & Software Design, Systems Engineering, Image Exploitation, Agricultural Engineering

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Many technological contributions to improving quality of life in the areas of national defense, emergency response, healthcare, transportation and agriculture

Passions: Family, rural living, the great outdoors, home renovations, aviation, tinkering

Bret Woz
Bret WozSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded, application software (including Linux and Windows), multi-threaded and multi-processor software

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering – RIT, MS Computer Engineering – RIT, MS Product Development – RIT

Proud of: Developing creative and robust solutions to solve customer problems

Passions: Family, reading, tinkering and enjoying the great outdoors

Jonathan Powers
Jonathan PowersSenior Engineer
Knows: FPGA design and verification, embedded software

Degree(s): BSEE – University of Virginia, MSEE – Stony Brook University

Proud of: Contributions to national defense and public safety

Passions: Family, music, running, number and word puzzles

Ken Kaye
Ken KayeSenior Program Manager
Knows: Program management, hardware and software development, fuel cells, automotive systems

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Contributions to the development of alternative energy field and advancements in Fuel Cell for Automotive, Retired Air Force Career

Passions: Family, snow skiing, water sports, soccer, music, church

Mark Houck
Mark HouckSenior PCB Designer
Knows: Embedded hardware, PCB design (schematic capture & layout) of high-speed, multilayer boards

Certification: PCB design CID (with 25+ years experience)

Proud of: Supporting our engineering teams with the highest quality

Passions: Family, travel, home improvements & repairs and model trains

Dave Zimmer
Dave ZimmerSenior Engineer
Knows: embedded systems, high speed digital and analog circuit boards, FPGA design, railway systems, medical devices, imaging systems

Degree(s): BSEE – SUNY at Buffalo, MSEE – Rochester Institute of Technology

Proud of: Troubleshooting and debugging capabilities

Passions: A love for the outdoors, including hiking and biking

Rene' Brown
Rene' BrownSenior PCB Designer
Knows: embedded hardware, analog circuit board design, high-speed digital circuit board design, PCB schematic capture and layout

Certification: IPC CID (with 25+ years experience)

Proud of: Making our world better through advanced electronic technologies; attention to detail

Passions: Laughing and enjoying time with family and friends. Outdoors – hiking, kayaking, cross country skiing and wherever the warmth and sunshine takes me.

John Ludlow
John LudlowSenior Engineer
Knows: Image processing, GUIs; software development in Visual Studio

Degree(s): BS Computer Science – Virginia Tech, BS Mathematics – Virginia Tech

Proud of: My family: My lovely bride, 8 children, and 13 grandchildren (so far 🙂 )

Passions: Love developing software

Steve Boy
Steve BoySenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded software, Linux, GUI development

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Ability to turn customer requirements into delightful products

Passions: Bible study, family, Minecraft

Mark Keyser
Mark KeyserSenior Engineer
Knows: Mechanical, manufacturing, and quality process design as it relates to new product development and continuous improvement

Degree(s): BS Mechanical Engineering – RIT, MS Manufacturing Management / Leadership – RIT

Proud of: Continual success in leveraging current knowledge and continual learning to help customers with their new product development challenges

Passions: Family, woodworking & timber framing, and the great outdoors

Ben Brown
Ben BrownSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded systems, embedded hardware, high-speed digital design, high-performance analog design, control systems, FPGA, digital signal processing, safety, EMC, design for manufacturing, injection molding, global manufacturing

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – Kettering University

Proud of: Contributions to youth science education, discovery and documentation of new caves

Passions: Caving, repurposing/rebuilding surplus equipment

Kevin Sampson
Kevin SampsonSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded hardware design in the medical, automotive and aerospace fields; analog and digital circuit design and simulation

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – RIT, MS Electrical Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Developing strong working relationships with exceptional engineers. Working together to create unique solutions to unique problems. Happy customers.

Passions: Family, friends, church, beekeeping, wrestling, volleyball, restoring old tractors.

David Brent
David BrentSenior Engineer
Knows: High-performance hardware including embedded processors, FPGAs, memories, and image capture / processing / output; digital printing; signal / power integrity

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – University of Pittsburgh, MS Electrical Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Making significant design contributions to various complex products while part of numerous cross-functional teams

Passions: Family, friends, live music, boating, pool, volleyball

Mike Haines
Mike HainesSenior Engineer
Knows: Windows and embedded software, product development

Degree(s): BS Electrical and Computer Engineering – University of Buffalo, MS Management – Johns Hopkins University

Proud of: Implementation and problem-solving abilities

Passions: Family, snowboarding, technology, golf

Steve Baylor
Steve BaylorSenior Engineer
Knows: Software engineering, systems engineering, solution design, RESTful API development, Java, .NET, Python, C, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL

Degree(s): BS Computer Science – University of Vermont, MS Computer Science – RIT

Proud of: Developing software that helps businesses succeed

Passions: Agile software development, technology, family, motorcycles, cookies

Tim Duffy
Tim DuffySenior Engineer & Business Development Manager
Knows: FPGA (Xilinx), Zynq, embedded firmware, Embedded Linux

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering Technology – RIT

Proud of: My enthusiasm for, and commitment to, project and domain knowledge diversity

Passions: Family, Life, DIY home projects, cooking, homebrewing

Bill Zeh
Bill ZehSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded and application software, Linux

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering – Clarkson

Proud of: Implementing solutions to challenging problems

Passions: Family and the great outdoors

Greg Semeraro
Greg SemeraroSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded systems design: firmware, RTOS, hardware, FPGA RTL, companion PC software. Project and team management.

Degree(s): PhD Electrical Engineering – University of Rochester, MS Computer Engineering – Rochester Institute of Technology, BS Computer Engineering – Boston University

Proud of: Ability to see problems from HW, SW and business perspectives and optimize solutions.

Passions: Technical problem solving, ice hockey, drag racing and wrenching on my cars.

Alden Lum
Alden LumSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded hardware and software, EOIR / digital imaging systems, low noise analog and mixed signal design, high speed digital design, SolidWorks 3D modeling

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering – SUNY Buffalo

Proud of: Opportunities to gain vast work-related experience in commercial and government/defense industries

Passions: My family and friends, solving hard engineering problems, automobile restoration and repair, airsoft, playing guitar

Mark Nenni
Mark NenniSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded, multi-threaded, real-time, GUIs, Linux, Windows

Degree(s): BS in Computer Science – SUNY Brockport

Proud of: My two sons. Ability to read, understand, develop and debug complex software systems.

Passions: Family, exercise, travel, sandy beaches and adventure.

Donald Lewandoski
Donald LewandoskiSenior Technician
Knows: SMT circuit board repair, electromechanical systems, harnessing, prototyping, EMC, electrical design.

Degree(s): AAS – Electronic Technology Cayuga Community College

Proud of: Contributions to many creative and innovative designs in the electrophotographic industry. 2 patents

Passions: Clay shooting sports, golf, family, staying busy with anything outdoors

Shawn Pfister
Shawn PfisterSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded firmware, Multi-threaded real-time systems, Linux, Networking

Degree(s): BS in Computer Engineering RIT

Proud of: Waking up every morning and loving what I do for a living.

Passions: Solving problems, Learning new skills

Craig Latham
Craig LathamSenior Engineer
Knows: Applied Artificial Intelligence, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Image & Video Processing, GPU Acceleration, Linux, C#, Python, SQL

Certifications: Decorated veteran of two services, 15 years experience as a DoD Systems/Software Engineering Contractor.

Proud of: Ability to solve complex problems with solutions that were never intended for that issue.

Passions: AI Research, Woodworking, Making things better faster smarter.

Jake Goellner
Jake GoellnerSenior Engineer
Knows: Applied artificial intelligence, Computer vision, Image/Video processing, GPU acceleration, Embedded software development, Windows, Linux, .Net, C, Python

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering Clarkson University

Proud of: Contributing to team and customer success by applying cross domain knowledge to develop powerful and elegant solutions to complex problems

Passions: Family, woodworking, art, the outdoors, perpetual optimization, making complex data visually interesting

Andrew Elder
Andrew ElderSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded Software, Digital Signal Processing, network protocols, network stacks, Time Sensitive Networking

Degree(s): BE Hons – University of Canterbury, PhD EEE – University of Canterbury

Proud of: Contributions to Avnu to advance the state of time sensitive networking

Passions: Travelling to New Zealand, orienteering, gardening, hiking, watching volleyball

Jason Hayslip
Jason HayslipSenior Engineer
Knows: Mechanical design, DFM, product and manufacturing systems development. Robotics, vision and automation applications ranging from prototype to high volume environments.

Degree(s): BS Mechanical Engineering Technology – University of Dayton

Proud of: Two great kids. Advancing technology and critical contributions in automotive, alternative energy as well as medical device industries.

Passions: Family, kids athletics, mechanical repair projects, mountain sports, water sports, home improvement and tennis

Bob Foley
Bob FoleySenior Engineer
Knows: Systems engineering and modeling, functional safety, high voltage automotive systems, structured decision-making, fuel cells, DFMEA and FTA

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – RIT

Proud of: Extensive contributions to the development of fuel cell systems for applications in multiple markets

Passions: Motorcycling, weightlifting, DIY home remodeling, music, reading

Jim Guy
Jim GuySenior Program Manager
Knows: Embedded HW design, FPGA design, image processing, printing systems, project management

Degree(s): MSEE – RIT, BSEE – Clarkson University

Proud of: Delivery of two complex, first pass success ASIC’s that each achieved production volumes greater than 500,000 pieces.

Passions: Family, Travel, Hiking

Ian Ober
Ian OberSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded hardware, high speed digital design, HDI PCB multilayer layout, analog circuit design.

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering. – SUNY Buffalo, AAS Electrical Engineering Technology – Monroe Community College

Proud of: Ability to work in a team to come up with unique solutions to challenges.

Passions: Family, fixing and modifying cars, volunteering in different capacities at Church in youth ministries and operations/facilities.

Igor Orlovich
Igor OrlovichSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded hardware design, PCB layout and productization, low power designs, low power wireless, battery management systems, reverse engineering and competitive analysis

Degree(s): BS Computer Engineering – RIT, MS Computer Science – RIT

Proud of: Ability to bring together multiple disciplines (HW/SW/Mechanical) to create a product, debugging skills

Passions: Family, alternative energy and electric vehicles, volunteering for environmental causes, running

Ken Smith, Jr.
Ken Smith, Jr.Senior Engineer
Knows: FPGA Design and Verification, Embedded and Application Software, Software Defined Radio and Control Systems Experience

Degree(s): BS and MS Computer Engineering at RIT

Proud of: Creativity, Simplifying Complex Ideas, and Communication Skills

Passions: Family, Outdoors, Farming, Problem Solving

Patrick Laplante
Patrick LaplanteSenior Engineer
Knows: Software development in various environments such as embedded, mobile, cloud, and desktop. Experience doing software for multiple embedded micros, with and without operating systems.
Software Development Languages (C, C++, Java, Assembly, C#, Javascript, Typescript). Software design using UML.

Degrees: BS Math and Computer Science – Sherbrooke University, Québec

Proud of: Ability to bring the embedded world into the cloud, ability to troubleshoot any kind of embedded issues, debugging skills

Passions: Family, Live music, Gaming

Blake Keller
Blake KellerSenior Project Manager
Knows: New product development processes, quality systems including medical device development, mechanical and manufacturing processes

Degrees: Master of Engineering Management, Dartmouth
BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado

Proud of: Working with teams in several industries to develop amazing products

Passions: Family, flying taildragger airplanes, travel

Jeffrey Orvek
Jeffrey OrvekSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded systems, bare metal, Linux, distributed systems, low power wireless

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – University at Buffalo

Proud of: Ability to continually learn and adapt, debugging skills

Passions: Family, Faith, Scouting, Reading and Cooking

Gabe Ferencz
Gabe FerenczSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded systems, firmware, prototyping, robotics, reverse engineering, 2D and 3D imaging, low power wireless, FPGA design

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – RIT, MS Electrical Engineering – RIT

Proud of: My determination, curiosity, and ability to figure out how things work or why they don’t

Passions: Family, mountain biking, humor, puzzles, outdoors

Rick Weil
Rick WeilSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded systems design and development, medical device development

Degree(s): BS Electrical / BioMedical Engineering – UW Wisconsin

Proud of: EMT on volunteer ambulance, work with scouting. I went skydiving recently…and survived.

Passions: Family, canoeing, hiking, skiing, the great outdoors in general.

Dan Chirpich
Dan ChirpichSenior Engineer
Knows: signal and power integrity, digital hardware design, FPGA design

Degrees: BS Computer Engineering – University of Kansas, MS Electrical Engineering – University of Kansas, MS Engineering Management – University of Kansas

Proud of: My wife, consistently seeking understanding to ensure first pass success by design, living an intentional life

Passions: Signal and power integrity, skiing big mountains, peak bagging, running, physical and cognitive fitness

Paul Shaver
Paul ShaverSenior PCB Designer
Knows: PCB design (schematic capture & layout), multilayer boards, flex circuit design, PCB fabrication, automated assembly

Degree: AAS Electrical Technology, Jamestown Community College

Certification: IPC CID+

Proud of: Having a wide knowledge base to use in solving problems and finding solutions

Passions: Family, archery, the great outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking, photography, home improvements, modifying and driving cars

Jeff Hanson
Jeff HansonSenior Engineer
Knows: Mechanical design, DFM/DFA, consumer product design and manufacturing, fluid flow control and instrumentation, 3D printing and prototyping.

Degree(s): BS Mechanical Engineering Technology – Alfred State College of Technology | MS Advanced Technology – SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Certifications: New York State Registered Professional Engineer | USPTO Registered Patent Agent | Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP)

Proud of: Seeing products I have designed out in the wild; solving complex problems; obtaining patents across a wide range of industries; passing the Patent Bar exam.

Passions: Learning new things; designing, building, and making; anything with wheels and a motor; shooting sports; camping and travel.

Andy Zelenak
Andy ZelenakSenior Roboticist
Knows: Robotic manipulation and system design. Linux application software.

Degrees: PhD Mechanical Engineering (Robotics) — University of Texas, BSME/EE — Colorado School of Mines

Proud of: Open-source robotics software contributions. Bringing smarter robots to the field.

Passions: Family, mountain biking, fitness

Alex Trostle
Alex TrostleElectrical Engineer
Knows: Embedded hardware

Degree(s): BS Electrical Engineering – Rochester Institute of Technology

Proud of: Drive to grow, learn, and adapt

Passions: Family, church, volunteering, and hiking

Bill McGuinness
Bill McGuinnessSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded software, Linux, network protocols and stacks, unified communications, digital imaging and print controllers.

Degree(s): BSEE/CE — Clarkson University; MSCS – Rochester Institute of Technology

Proud of: Designing and launching great products. Seeing old designs and code still running well. PSIA L3 Ski Instructor certification.

Passions: Biking, running, and skiing; almost anything outdoors.

David Keyes
David KeyesSenior Program Manager
Knows: New product development processes, Program management, Manufacturing, Medical device and automotive processes, Alternative energy.

Degree(s): MS Electrical Engineering-RIT

Proud of: Contributions to the development of new products and manufacturing processes for the automotive and life science industries.

Passions: Family, travel, skiing, and hiking.

John Steeves
John SteevesSenior Program Manager
Knows: Program Management, Product Development and Commercialization, Process Design and Improvement, Quality Management

Degree: BS Electrical & Computer Engineering – Valparaiso University

Proud of: Four great kids (and one exceptional granddaughter), Ability to combine talented individuals from multiple disciplines into a cohesive team creating exciting products

Passions: Family, Grilling & Cooking, Landscaping, Genealogy

Phil Olin
Phil OlinSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded software, Windows Application development

Proud of: My ability to learn and adapt. Contributions to alternative energy.

Passions: Family, mountain biking, tabletop games, learning new things.

Mike Cartwright
Mike CartwrightSenior Engineer
Knows: Distributed Energy Resources (Battery, Fuel Cell, Solar, EV/V2x), Product Management, Control Systems, Systems Engineering, System Validation

Degrees: MS Mechanical Engineering – RIT, BS Mechanical Engineering – RIT

Proud of: The opportunity to work on and contribute to many multiple discipline energy related projects over the past 25 years.

Passions: Family, Biking, Hiking, Camping, Travel, STEMS Education, Community Service, Home Renovation

Mark Wyman
Mark WymanSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded Hardware and Software, Software Defined Radios, Power systems, Analog design, Altium PCB design and fabrication.

Degree: BS in Electrical Engineering – Alfred State College

Proud of: Many very diverse successful products and clever simple solutions to complex problems.

Passions: Hockey, biking, outdoor sports, photography, aquaculture (ponds!), gardening, and family.

Brianna Curle
Brianna CurleCustomer Engagement Manager
Knows: PCB Design, SMT circuit board repair, product development processes, digital imaging systems, project management.

Degree: BS – Nazareth College

Proud of: My tenacity to find solutions to problems, collaborate across teams, and assist in crafting a product from inception to its delivery and ongoing support.

Passions: Horseback riding, being outside, reading, music, and my dogs.

Jim Leary
Jim LearySenior Software Engineer
Knows: MATLAB Simulink controls and algorithm development. Automotive Hardware and Software development (ICE, EV, Fuel Cell). Automotive calibration with ETAS products (INCA/MDA). Onboard diagnostics (OBD). International Product Development. Testing and Validation.

Degree: MS Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, BS in Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University

Proud of: Broad background in Automotive hardware and software Development. International experience. Foreign language skills (German and a bit of Japanese).

Passions: Family, travel, hiking, skiing, swimming, windsurfing.

Jeff Hanzlik
Jeff HanzlikSenior Engineer
Knows: Embedded software, Linux, linux device drivers, network protocols and Bluetooth.

Degree: BS Computer Engineering Rochester Institue of Technology, MS Computer Engineering Rochester Institute of Technology

Proud of: Learning new skills to deliver solutions to customers.

Passions: Family, learning new things, running, woodworking, and baking.