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Embedded Image Processing Development
Machine Vision Systems Development

  • Custom image processing software

  • FPGA / GPU / NPP -based image processing development

  • Mixed-signal PCB design and layout (incl. low-noise analog and high-speed digital)

Image processing capabilities

  • Anti-aliasing / edge-enhancement
  • Color transform / correction
  • Screening/halftoning
  • Gamma/contrast adjustment/correction
  • Auto exposure algorithms
  • Computer vision algorithm development – including deep analysis of imagery and video and feature set development for surfacing of actionable intelligence
  • Complex pixel reordering for fast lookup operations requiring DDR, QDR, RLDRAM memories.
  • Pixel level and image sensor level analysis
  • Linear and logarithmic high dynamic range hardware designs and software / firmware algorithms for capture and display
  • Alternate color filter patterns and color processing algorithms for low-light color sensing
  • Digital image fusion system using VIS-NIR, MWIR and LWIR imagers
  • Pixel-level image correction for sensor dark frame variation
  • Pixel-level image correction for linear output
  • FPGA-based image processing
  • GPU-based image processing
  • NNP-based (Neural Network Processor) image processing
  • False color, Laplacian Pyramid Fusion system
  • Automatic gain/exposure correction
  • Defect variation image correction
  • FPGA-based H.264 compression cores
  • Lossy and proprietary lossless compression algorithms
  • Gamma & color correction
  • Graphics overlay
  • Image zoom/pan
  • Real-time image rotation
  • Image sensor board design – low noise, precision analog design with high-speed serial links
  • Integration of broad range of CMOS and CCD image sensors as well as proprietary sensor technologies
  • Low noise, low light analog (IT-EMCCD) and digital (CMOS) imaging systems for night vision

AI / Deep Learning Capabilities

  • Applied artificial intelligence (image and video) – classification, localization, segmentation
  • Implementation of state-of-the-art neural network architectures and deep learning algorithms
  • Custom dataset capture process guidance and development
  • Custom AI model development and training
  • Deployment of custom AI models on the edge – utilizing various hardware platforms
  • Inference engine tuning for critical product timing requirements

Supporting capabilities

  • FPGA-based external memory interfaces (including DDR4 @ 2400 MT/s)
  • SFP, SFP+, QSFP, QSFP+ small form factor pluggable optical transceivers
  • Image sensor interfaces – LVDS, HiSPi and MIPI (C PHY and D PHY).
  • Mixed-signal PCB design and layout
  • Embedded system product design

30+ image processing-related US patents issued to AppliedLogix Team members as inventor or co-inventor

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