Optical Inspection Device for Industrial Equipment

Client – Manufacturer of optical equipment for industrial applications

Capabilities Demonstrated

  • Embedded hardware design

  • Embedded software design

  • High-speed digital board design

  • Low-noise analog design
  • Battery-powered design

  • Real-time image processing


Our client wanted to develop a new, flagship model to help broaden their line of handheld optical inspection devices. This new device would complement and extend their product family by providing advanced capabilities and features including high definition (HD) video image capture and Wi-Fi connectivity.

They turned to AppliedLogix to provide the embedded engineering expertise they needed.


The product is a precision optical inspection device that enables high-resolution visual inspection of various types of industrial equipment, machines, and engines out in the field. AppliedLogix provided the embedded electronics (totaling 7 different PCBs) and embedded software for this product.


  • AppliedLogix developed the embedded electronics &software, and also worked closely with their mechanical / industrial design services provider.
  • A dynamic fractional-person team was deployed on an as-needed basis, allowing for the utilization of the expertise of 8 different AppliedLogix personnel, while keeping each contributor to a fraction of an FTE (Full-Time Equivalent).
  • Optimized the firmware code to deliver compelling features and performance while also carefully managing and maximizing the battery life.
  • Worked closely with the industrial design team to deliver optimal thermal management within the sealed enclosure.

System Overview

The system is a high-resolution borescope, designed for inspecting industrial equipment, machinery, and engines. Being battery-powered and water resistant, it’s targeted primarily for field use, but also has applications within end-of-line inspection.

A joystick-based UI provides effortless control of the camera via 4-way, servo-driven articulation. Inspection point LED illumination is controlled by a real-time feedback loop, i.e., automatic gain control. There’s a touchscreen LCD display, and images/video can be recorded and transmitted wirelessly for remote observation.

The main processor board has a 32-bit ARM running Linux (the bulk of the processing happens here). There’s a display interface board, and a camera interface board. The power controller board drives the servos for articulation and provides power management functionality (which includes a low-power microcontroller due to the battery-operated nature of the device). Other ancillary boards handle interfaces like buttons, the joystick, status LEDs, and the battery interface.

AppliedLogix handled all of the embedded software development as well as the embedded electronics development. The mechanical design, battery pack, and display were provided by other vendors, and final system integration was handled by the client.

Software designed and developed

  • Servo motor supervisory control
  • Battery and power management
  • Video & still capture image processing
  • GUI
  • In-field software update functionality
  • Wi-Fi interface for streaming video
  • HDMI video interface
  • LCD display interface
  • Manufacturing & engineering support software

Hardware designed and developed

  • Main processor board with 32-bit ARM
  • Power management controller board with low-power microcontroller
  • Display interface board
  • Camera interface board
  • x3 small interface boards for interfacing with buttons, joystick, LEDs, etc.
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